Sandor Dobos



I was born in Nagyegyed, Transsilvania 20.06.1931. I got Master degree in chemistry in 1955 at the University Loránd Eötvös, Budapest. 1955-2000 I worked at the University Loránd Eötvös and The Hungarian Academy of Sciences teaching and making researches in the field of chemistry. I also spent shorter-longer periods of time at different universities in Germany, Italy and Canada. 1962 I got my PHD title, 1995 the degree "Doctor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences". Between 1950-1964 I attended various artschools in Budapest learning painting and drawing. In 1969, I had a solo exhibition at the Eötvös Club, Budapest, presenting paintings and graphics. 1968-1972
I participated at various anantgard collective exhibitions, and published graphics in the periodicals Valóság, Kortárs and Igaz Szó.

I also organized exhibitions for avantgard artists at the Eötvös Club, Budapest. I organized and for a couple of years conducted an art school at the University Loránd Eötvös. Since 2000 I am working as photographer.

Solo exhibitions:

2004 Mediterranean Landscapes. Centre of Culture "Pataky". Budapest, Hungary

2006 Free See. The House of the Hungarian Photographers "Mai Manó", Budapest, Hungary

2008 Mountain Tales. Mountain Photo Festival, Aosta, Italy

2009 Montagne a sud di ogni dove, Museo Ken Damy di Brescia, La Biennale Internazionale d'Arte Fotografica, Aieta, Italy

 2012 Three Late Tales, Gallery Budapest

Some group exhibitions:

2003. Visual Month. Budapest. Extra Award.

2004. Visual Month. Budapest. IInd Award.

2007. The Month of the Architecture. 2nd Award.

2008. Make It Eternal! Gallery G13. Budapest

2009. Everything that is not a Metropolis. Millenium Park. Budapest

2010. Experience! In all respect. Category 1st Award. The Palace of Arts, 2010 Budapest

2010. Homo Ludens XVIIth Esztergom Photography Biennial

Hungarian National Museum in Esztergom Castle Museum

Kolta Gallery, Budapest

2014. XIXh Esztergom Photography Biennia, Hungarian National Museum in Esztergom


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Artist in Residence, 2009, Krems (Austria)